Coachella 2016

Here’s my little recap of Coachella Music & Arts Festival this year!

Photo Apr 26, 10 05 11 PM

Day 1:
Makeup- Pink eyebrows achieved with NYX color mascara. Cheek hearts achieved with Lunar Sea white eyeliner from Lime Crime.

Outfit: Bubblegum pink vinyl coordinate set from Betty Bones. Flouncy polka dot shorts purchased from Wasteland. Jeffrey Campbell white platform boots. Teddy Bear hair accessories originally purchased from H&M kids, but I cut the rubberband off and made them into hair clips. Baby pink satin hair bows are separate.
You can find me on Coachella fashion gallery!

Photo Apr 16, 5 43 46 PM

Day 2 Outfit:
Sweetheart bustier made by me- I added the eyelet trim to the bust and used it as straps. The shorts are by Rehab from DollsKill. I bought them for the festival because I knew they’d be light, airy, and comfortable. They were a little big though, which is why I added the oversized white PU belt.

You can find me on in their fashion gallery about hair!

Photo Apr 23, 11 24 38 AM

Accessories: Blush pink satin bow to match the shorts. Heart Doll Earrings are by I’m Your Present.
Makeup: Not much out of the ordinary for this day. I used pink eyeshadows and blush. Anastasia Beverly Hills for eyebrows. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. I use waterproof brown liquid eyeliner to darken and add to my freckles, otherwise my freckles are very faint. Milani lipstick in “Nude Creme” (drugstore brand). I prefer cream lipsticks, especially for all-day events, because dry lipsticks (like matte or liquid lipsticks) will crust up, be hard to reapply, and make my lips peal. Basically, they’re uncomfortable for me to wear and I like the drugstore brands more.

Photo Apr 16, 7 23 51 PMFashionable friends 

Photo Apr 18, 1 28 24 AM

Day 3:
I was exhausted by day 3 and didn’t get many photos. Here’s the one decent photo I got in the evening at the beer garden. Sorry, I have no brands or links for this outfit because I mostly made everything myself. I’m selling the suede bow chokers on my depop. Sunglasses are the UNIF Beni’s. Shoes are UNIF Thrash boots. Shout out to Kalyn for the french braids. ❤

Photo Apr 19, 6 47 47 PM

I’m not a music blogger or else I’d go more in depth about the festival. All I can say is I spent most of my time this weekend dancing in the Do Lab! Thanks for reading 🙂

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Coachella 2016

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