Pastel Hair Dye and Care

Finally, my long-procrastinated HAIR blogpost! I’ll be covering all my FAQ’s as well as my routine and some extra tips I find helpful.


Before I begin, I’d like to disclose that my hair was previously dirty blonde and is naturally completely straight. And I mean STRAIGHT, barely any wave if I brush it enough while it’s drying. It’s also not that thick, even before I began bleaching it, it wasn’t very thick. I wanted to include this because the texture of my hair obviously effects the way I care for it and what works for me (and what may not work for others).

I’ll start with my routine.

The shower: I only wash my hair 3-4 times a week. I’ll use a shower cap while taking a shower on non-wash days. The reason for this is because shampoo strips your hair of the natural oils that protect and hydrate it. If you’re hair gets oily quickly, use dry shampoo- it’s a lifesaver.
For knotty hair, brush it before the shower. I have a definite problem with knots.
Try to shampoo mainly your roots. I use a shitload of conditioner all throughout, even though people say you should try and put it in only your ends.


After the shower I put hair oil in my ends to rehydrate it and it helps with brushing. I used to use Moroccan oil, but it’s kind of expensive so now I use Avon hair oil. They sell a lot of $10 and under oils at Target and drugstores. I don’t think top quality brand really matters, what matters is that you’re at least using something.

I switched to the Wet Brush a couple years ago, and I’m just mad I didn’t have this before! (Available online and at most beauty stores). Like I mentioned earlier, my hair gets knotty really fast and really easily and I used to just rip right through it with regular nothing-special hair brushes, probably causing a lot of hair loss and damage. I have no idea what’s different about the Wet Brush, but you can feel and hear the difference.

Hair bleaching and dying:

I bleach my roots at home about once a month. I bought a bucket of bleach and a jug of developer from Sally’s Beauty Supply and I apply it to my roots for about 15 minutes then wash it out. I was never trained, nor did I watch any tutorials, I didn’t even research the brands I bought so I don’t want to give any advice about bleaching hair. I just read the directions on the bottles and maybe did a quick google search or two before spreading it on my hair. When I first bleached all of my hair, I bought the Manic Panic bleach kit- it came with bleach, developer, gloves, and I think a bowl and brush. I liked it and it worked for me.

I have a Sally’s Beauty card so I’ve always gotten my hair dye from there or sometimes I’d order it online from Amazon or eBay. I’ve been dying my hair for like 3-4 years, so I’ve tried a lot of different brands and colors, but I can’t remember how I like all of them.

Special Effects (pink) was really strong for me and lasted a while from what I can remember.
Sparks (purple) is strong and lasts a while.
Arctic Fox (turquoise) has been working well for me.
Manic Panic and Ion don’t last at all for me, I wouldn’t recommend.

But the reality for pastel hair is it will fade pretty quickly with any brand. So instead of re-dying my hair every 2 weeks to keep it the same light color, I put my dye into my conditioner bottle (Pantene). Every time I wash my hair, the dye refreshes the color. I have no idea if this is bad for hair, but it’s worked for me and I haven’t had any problems.

For pastel pink hair, it’s important to tone your bleached hair to get it as white as possible. With blue and purple, the color pretty much masks all the yellow colors so I don’t tone it after bleaching.
It sometimes helps to look at a color wheel when figuring out what to do with your hair. You can see that the reason purple gets rid of the yellow in your hair is because they are opposites on the color wheel. I’ve noticed lavender is a hard color for people to get. And in my experience, it’s because you can’t obtain lavender by simply adding conditioner to a purple dye (which is how most pastels are accomplished), the color has too much red tone in it. So you must add a tiny bit of blue dye and that should give you the perfect lavender you’re looking for. Same for the other way around, if you’re trying to get a pastel blue, try adding a little bit of purple.

Lastly- Hair vitamins


I am currently sponsored by Sugar Bear Hair vitamins. It is a sponsorship, but I do believe in the brand. A few of my favorite things- 1. They’re vegetarian! 2. They actually taste amazing. No, like… I’m not kidding. They taste really good.
I’m just about finishing up my first full bottle of vitamins- which I try to take everyday, but I’ve definitely skipped plenty because I’m forgetful.
Anyway… my review is that you simply can’t report honestly, in just ONE month, that your hair is suddenly so much longer and nicer (unless you take before and after shots of your growth compared to some previous photos of your growth without the vitamins, which I of course didn’t do).
But what I will say is that I’ve had a couple friends (without knowing I’m taking vitamins) tell me that my hair looks fuller. This is important to me because my hair has always been thin and I of course want voluminous, healthy hair. And I actually do feel like my hair is a little bit longer! I haven’t done research on the brand or read any other reviews. This is just my personal experience and that’s all!


So if you’re thinking of trying out some brands I’ve mentioned, check out some of their other reviews as well as proper instructions. Hope I covered everything! If you have any more hair questions, requests, or recommendations please comment or email me 🙂

Oh by the way! I run an instagram called @PasteLocks where I feature girls with pastel hair and work by hair dressers. There’s so much amazing hair on that page, it’s a great place to find some inspo if you’re planning on dying your hair soon!

Pastel Hair Dye and Care

Valfre Under the Sea Party

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.06.42 PM

I went to Valfre‘s Under the Sea Pool Party this weekend, and it was even cuter than expected! It was held on the rooftop of Eastown in Hollywood, there were giant pizza and donut pool floaties, watermelon mojitos, and they had a 360 degree photobooth complete with sea animal balloons to pose with.

Ilse’s famous doll-like illustrations inspired my makeup for the day. I used a peachy-toned blush under my eyes to get that cartoon look. I didn’t get great closeups, but you can find the rest of the details at the end.

I have to mention how good the music was! The DJ’s were playing a lot of throwbacks to early 00’s hip hop and pop- my (I think everyone’s) favorite party music. DJ’s included HOLYCHILD, Chela & Bianca Lexis. Plus The Aquadolls + Summer Twins & MACK performed.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Besides music and cute friends, there was also a pop up shop, a “star freckle” booth, a live facebook video stream, and giveaways.

~Makeup and outfit details~

Eyes: Blue shadow is “Filter” by Lime Crime. Blended out with MAC’s “Forgery”. Lashes are from Daiso. Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara.
Blush: I mainly used “Sunset” by Sonia Kashuk. But I also added a little pink eyeshadow called “Hip Cat” from my Alice in Wonderland palette by Disney.
Lips: “Cupid” Velvetine by Lime Crime

Purse: Valfre
Crop top: I Heart Raves
Jacket: vintage
Skirt: Forever 21
Socks: Leg Avenue
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell


Valfre Under the Sea Party


Title choice is unrelated to today’s blog subject,
my makeup just reminds me of snakes 😛
Here’s what I used:

Eyeshadow: Lime Crime‘s Venus 2 Pallette- “Marsh” for base, “Pigeon” for outer lid, “Fly” for inner eye and under the brow. Lips: Lime Crime’s “Salem” Velvetine with “Beetle” Perlee on top. The photos don’t do the colors justice, Beetle really gives off an irredescent green glow.
Other info- Foundation: Maybelline’s Fit Me. ABH’s Brow Wiz pencil for brows and freckles. Too Faced’s “Better Than Sex” mascara.

Gold rose necklace- Betty Bones

Photo May 12, 3 03 37 PM

Please ignore my blonde roots lol ~ thanks for reading! ❤



Some party pics from the Heav3n x Soft Leather party at The Lash on 4/9/16

Photo Apr 10, 8 28 54 PM

Hair: Shape your bangs/baby hair with 2 prong metal hair clips, then hair spray and set for 20 minutes. Remove hair clips, and spray again.

Photo Apr 10, 9 53 45 AM

Dress is Forever21. Jacket is by Flor de Vicio, customized by me. Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell’s Tardys.

This was an exciting night because there was a huge fight outside the club afterwards and I got the whole thing on snapchat 😛




Coachella 2016

Here’s my little recap of Coachella Music & Arts Festival this year!

Photo Apr 26, 10 05 11 PM

Day 1:
Makeup- Pink eyebrows achieved with NYX color mascara. Cheek hearts achieved with Lunar Sea white eyeliner from Lime Crime.

Outfit: Bubblegum pink vinyl coordinate set from Betty Bones. Flouncy polka dot shorts purchased from Wasteland. Jeffrey Campbell white platform boots. Teddy Bear hair accessories originally purchased from H&M kids, but I cut the rubberband off and made them into hair clips. Baby pink satin hair bows are separate.
You can find me on Coachella fashion gallery!

Photo Apr 16, 5 43 46 PM

Day 2 Outfit:
Sweetheart bustier made by me- I added the eyelet trim to the bust and used it as straps. The shorts are by Rehab from DollsKill. I bought them for the festival because I knew they’d be light, airy, and comfortable. They were a little big though, which is why I added the oversized white PU belt.

You can find me on in their fashion gallery about hair!

Photo Apr 23, 11 24 38 AM

Accessories: Blush pink satin bow to match the shorts. Heart Doll Earrings are by I’m Your Present.
Makeup: Not much out of the ordinary for this day. I used pink eyeshadows and blush. Anastasia Beverly Hills for eyebrows. Too Faced’s Better Than Sex mascara. I use waterproof brown liquid eyeliner to darken and add to my freckles, otherwise my freckles are very faint. Milani lipstick in “Nude Creme” (drugstore brand). I prefer cream lipsticks, especially for all-day events, because dry lipsticks (like matte or liquid lipsticks) will crust up, be hard to reapply, and make my lips peal. Basically, they’re uncomfortable for me to wear and I like the drugstore brands more.

Photo Apr 16, 7 23 51 PMFashionable friends 

Photo Apr 18, 1 28 24 AM

Day 3:
I was exhausted by day 3 and didn’t get many photos. Here’s the one decent photo I got in the evening at the beer garden. Sorry, I have no brands or links for this outfit because I mostly made everything myself. I’m selling the suede bow chokers on my depop. Sunglasses are the UNIF Beni’s. Shoes are UNIF Thrash boots. Shout out to Kalyn for the french braids. ❤

Photo Apr 19, 6 47 47 PM

I’m not a music blogger or else I’d go more in depth about the festival. All I can say is I spent most of my time this weekend dancing in the Do Lab! Thanks for reading 🙂

Follow me on snapchat: username is savannahkneald

Coachella 2016

Take Me Out

Photo Mar 28, 3 39 24 PM

I’ve been looking for a Chinese take out box novelty purse for a couple years, so naturally when I found this one at the mall a few months ago I nearly had a heart attack. It was the very last one and in the display window, so I felt very  lucky that day!

The hooded cape is from American Apparel, I bought it at the Melrose store last year.
The Thank You halter is from Betty Bones.
Make up is Lime Crime; Lady Perlee lipstick, Venus 2 palette.

Photo Mar 28, 12 47 29 PM

Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell, at Tilted Sole.

All photos by Ron Khy

Take Me Out

Pajama Day

If Princess Jasmine’s outfit was made in 2016, this might be it

I’ve been waiting for it to warm up so I can wear this little coordinate set from O-Mighty. Made from a shiny pastel mint satin, the bandeau top ties in the front, while the high-waisted shorts slide on with an elastic waist. I like how it kind of looks like you’re not even supposed to be wearing it out of the house, it’s sort of like a cute pair of pajamas that you just had to show off.

I’ve been collecting teddy bear accessories and plushies forever and so I’m having a love-hate relationship with it becoming so trendy. This adorable little teddy purse is from storenvy and it’s so soft and cute, I can’t help but cuddle with it while toting it around. My mint teddy bear necklace is probably 10 years old by now, but I just re-discovered it in my necklace clusters on my jewelry vanity. It’s little arms and legs even move!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Hope you all had a fun St Patty’s Day!


Pajama Day

Powder Puff Girls

Photo Mar 11, 1 16 15 AM

My favorite time of the year is here! SPRING! My pastel wardrobe finally matches the season we’re in ❤

2 weeks ago, I shot with my good friends Kasia and Roxy Lee for another spring lookbook for Betty Bones. This is the first look from that day. All photos by Pink & Creepy Photography.

These peasant crop tops from Betty Bones come in 6 colors, 2 styles, and in XS-XL. They’re made from a soft, thick cotton fabric and the stretchy elastic hems makes them extra comfortable and easy to move around in. Click images to enlarge.

More later! xo

Powder Puff Girls

Festival LookBook

I’ve been holding onto this set since early winter and I’m really happy to finally release them!

Photo Mar 09, 4 17 08 PM

Me and Skylar shot in pastel gingham sets for my store, Betty Bones. They’re available in S-L and in pink, blue, and black gingham. Lavender and red gingham are coming soon! The neckline is lined with white lace; and every hem line has elastic, so they’re easy to move around in and are super comfortable 🙂

Even though these photos are meant to look like we’re at a music festival or some fun summer event, we’re actually in the middle of the Arts District in LA. Shreeb’s coffee and a juice stand created this little oasis with astroturf and wooden patio furniture. They sell their organic treats  from upcycled, redecorated shipping containers! It was a really fun, bright location.

P.S. These coordinate sets are now also available with skirts instead of shorts!

Photo Mar 09, 3 45 29 PMPhoto Mar 09, 4 08 51 PM

All photos were taken my friend and gifted photographer, Ron Khy. Check out his website to see his work!

Festival LookBook